Leonid Belykh,
Managing Director of the
«ULAN-UDE AVIATION PLANT», Joint Stock Company

Ми-8АМТШMi-8AMT(Sh) combat-transport helicopter is a modification of a serial troop-carrying and transport helicopter Mi-8AMT being produced by the Ukan-Ude Aviation Plant.

The Mi-8AMT(Sh) helicopter is intended for:

  • killing tanks;
  • fire support of land power;
  • assault launch and evacuation of wounded;
  • transportation of cargo both in the cargo cabin and on external sling.

For killing tanks the helicopter is for the first time equipped with a high-accuracy guided missile system «Shturm-V» using «Ataka» guided supersonic missiles with tandem cumulative warhead. For fire support of land power the helicopter can be equipped with GMs «Ataka» with a high-explosive warhead, unguided missiles of 80 mm caliber (S-8), and gun containers with a 23 mm gun (UPK-23-250). The «Shturm-V» system can also be equipped with guided missiles «Ataka» with contact and influence fuzes for hitting any aerial targets and GMs «Shturm».

The most significant advantages of the «Sturm-V» missile system using guided missiles «Ataka» and «Shturm» are as follows:

  • High level of noise immunity against any artificial and natural noise disturbances;
  • short time to target;
  • high reliability; practiced and proved by operation of «Shturm-V» systems on the most mass production combat helicopter Mi-24.

Detection and identification of ground targets is performed by an operator through a visual channel of a stabilized observation and guidance device «Raduga-Sh». Missiles firing range – 800-5800 m.

In the event of low altitude flights, for protection against any ground-based weapon and neutralization of any residual centers of resistance the helicopter is equipped with machine-guns of 7.62 mm caliber, swivel units for AKM machine-guns of troops, armoured plates, passive protection facilities against «Stinger» missiles.

So, this helicopter is solely able to resolve a complex task: hitting any fixed-site and movable centers of resistance and suppressing their residual suppression by airborne troops with fire support from air and subsequent evacuation of troops and wounded.

Hundreds of Mi-17 and Mi-171 helicopters are successfully used in various parts of the world including areas of conflicts in Africa, Latin America, Near East, and Southeast Asia. As the Kalashnikov machine-gun, the helicopters became popular due to their responsibility, few needs, off-hanger maintenance. Their modernization from a combat-transport version to a combat-transport-strike version quickened a vivid interest in various countries as a simple and relatively cheap method of strengthening combat power of helicopter fleet. And further more, guided equipment assembling don’t exhaust all the abilities of such helicopters.

In the nearest future it would be possible to further improve such helicopters with the systems of night vision and other systems of high-accuracy weapon. It will be possible to assemble any such equipment both on new and old helicopters directly on the sites of operating entities that have in their possession equipped maintenance centers.

The general production sample of the Mi-8AMT has been recently updated at the Moscow Helicopter Plant named for M.L. Mil in the town of Panki (Moscow Oblast), and shall, on completing State Testing, be implemented for operation in Mi-8AMTSh version.

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Ми-8АМТШ становится штурмовиком

Военно-транспортный вертолет Ми-8АМТШ является модификацией серийного десантно-транспортного Ми-8АМТ,
выпускаемого Улан-Удэнским авиазаводом. Он предназначен для уничтожения бронетанковой техники, огневой поддержки сухопутных войск, высадки десантов и эвакуации раненых, транспортировки грузов в кабине и на внешней подвеске. Для решения этих задач он впервые оснащается высокоточным управляемым ракетным комплексом “Штурм-В”, УР “Атака” с различной боевой частью, ПТУР “Штурм”, НУР С-8, пушечными контейнерами УПК-23-250 с пушками ГШ-23,пулеметами калибра 7,62 мм, шкворневыми установками для автоматов АКМ десанта, бронеплитами и средствами пассивной защиты от ракет типа “Стингер”.
Модернизация в штурмовые повсеместно эксплуатирующихся военно-транспортных Ми-17 и Ми-171 представляет простой и достаточно дешевый способ повышения боевой эффективности вертолетного парка. В ближайшей перспективе появится возможность дооборудовать вертолеты системами ночного видения и другими системами высокоточного оружия. Ми-8АМТШ получит путевку в жизнь уже в этом году.