Alexander Kachura,
President – chairman of control board of GAKhT Artyem

The leading enterprise of the Ukrainian and CIS aviation industry on manufacture of guided air-to-air missiles, the company produces the R-27 missiles and its derivatives, automated check systems for checking guided munitions, instruments and other on-board equipment in use on all types of aircraft from CIS manufacturers. The state joint-stock holding company GAKhT Artyem is a monopolist in this area. For years the company have remained one of the most stable enterprises in the Ukraine. It has a high scientific-technical potential and a big manufacturing capacity. In frame of conversion process the company has mastered production of hi-tech civil products. GAKhT Artyem shows reliable and stable work in the conditions of conversion.

Industrial capacity, buildings and equipment, as well as highly skillful personnel of the company permit to prepare and launch production of complicated hi-tech products in a short time. To facilitate the process of setting up production of such products, the company uses a ISILIKON GRAPHICS computer-aided design system and a special software packages.

Artyem’s branch companies have all the necessary hi-tech equipment and tooling to manufacture parts requiring machining and other mechanical treatment, cold extruding and swaging (for metal parts), manufacture of parts from plastic materials and wood. They have equipment for welding, casting (steels and non-ferrous metals), laying galvanic and paint coatings, conducting assembly work on electrical and other equipment.

High-speed precise extruding is made using special equipment from Feintool and Bruderer. Precise laser cutting of sheets is performed by a computer controlled machine from Laser Worc. Profile extruding is made using machine tools from Brand.

In making parts from plastics the thermal plastic automatic machines from Klecner and Kuasy are used, as well as the Indian-built SP machines with a injection volume up to 1560 cu sm.

For mechanical treatment of aviation steels and titanium alloys the processing centers from Fenelmann are used.

The company accepts orders for repair work, after-sale support and servicing for the missiles and checking equipment at the customer’s bases. Also, it offers the following services:

  • modernization of the R-27R and the R-27T missiles into the R-27ER and R-27ET variants with twice the firing range and adaptation of those for other carriers;
  • repair work on malfunctioning missiles;
  • extension of shelf life, operational lifetime for missiles;
  • estimation of technical condition for missiles and checking equipment, with preparation of a list of required spare parts to put these back into a working condition.

The company’s engineering team has developed and put in production the Gurt automated universal complex for servicing and preparatory work on precise munitions (missiles, guided bombs etc.). It can be used in stationary and field conditions, such as at the bases, depots and maintenance stations.

GAKhT Artyem
2/10, Melnikova st., Ukraine, 254050.
Tel.: (38044) 213-2124, fax: (38044) 213-1615.
Telex: 131 494 BUTON SU.