Sergei Zinchenko,
general director of Launch Services JSC

The Launch Services joint-stock company was founded with help of the Russian Aviation and Space Agency (RAKA) and allocated the goal of closer integration and better control for marketing policy of Russian launch service providers acting on the international market in the segment of light launch vehicles.

According to the Russian government order no.8838-r dated 24 July 1998, the Launch Services company was given the following tasks: to make efforts on joining forces for a better market promotion of services of the Start and Kosmos launch vehicles on deployment of small-sized civilian satellites, including piggy-back loads to main satellites being deployed in the interests of the Russian national space program and the Defense ministry, and to look for investments in development of Russian rocketry space industry. Launches are to be made from Plesetsk, Kapustin Yar and Svobodny cosmodromes all located in Russia.

The Launch Services company enjoys a favorable attitude of the Russian government and works in a close cooperation with the Strategic Missile Force units and Rosaviakosmos agency. Doing its job, the company tries to get its customers satisfied with the quality of services, offering well-tried space hardware and experienced personnel, proven technologies, properly functioning logistics and control systems. Launch services are offered using auxiliary western equipment, planning methods and personnel. Much attention is paid to persistent efforts on reducing all sorts of risks.

The company offers its clients a full spectrum of services, including marketing, assistance in getting permissions and export-import licenses, unitary control over a satellite deployment program as a whole, design work on interface, issuing assembly documentation, coordination of actions made by various establishments involved in launch preparations, provision of services on cosmodromes, flight information and return of customer’s equipment back to him after launch.

Such issues as manufacture and launch preparations of launch vehicles and elements of ground infrastructure, getting permission for launch are carried out in accordance with the long-established cooperation within the space industry and in a close cooperation with the Defense ministry and other establishments.

All activities listed above are carried out without using state budgetary funds, on the base of contracts for launch services which the Launch Services signs with its customers in strict accordance with the License no.292 issued by the Russian aviation and space agency, the US-Russian agreement on commercial launch services, disarmament treaties as well as other international agreements signed by Russia.

Launch Services JSC
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