Arkady Gurtovoi,
deputy general director, Yakovlev design bureau

Як-130The Yak-130 next generation jet trainer developed by Yakovlev design bureau has successfully passed one more stage of its flight test program and won approval of the Russian air force’ leading flight test institute. The aircraft has demonstrated its high flight performance, proving that it fully complies to the specification. In particular, the aircraft has demonstrated stable and controllable flight at high alpha (up to 42 degrees), a unique future for airplanes of its class.

The Yak-130 is able to provide quality training for trainee pilots, enabling them to master in a short time flying on any forth- or fifth-generation fighter, including the Su-30 and MiG-29, Mirage, Harrier, F-15, F-16, Eurofighter, F-22, JSF etc. It is the only trainer available anywhere whose aerodynamic layout is similar to that of modern agile fighters. The effective wing with high-lift devices, extensive root extensions and all-moveable stabilizer allow aerobatics in a wide angle-of-attack spectrum. The fly-by-wire flight control system with redundancy factor of four allows, for training purposes, changes in stability and controllability parameters of the airplane accoring to these of a simulated aircraft type («re-programming»), while also serving as an active flight safety system.

Combat training on the Yak-130 includes simulated and real firing with air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, bomb dropping, gun firing, mastering use of the airplane’s on-board self-protection systems. The instructor can set and control «target behavior» from its seat in the aircraft. The automated on-board diagnostics and control system makes the aircraft easy to operate and maintain. The airframe has a design lifetime of 10,000 flight hours and 20,000 flight cycles during a calendar lifetime of 30 years. The airplane can operate from unpaved airfields.

The basic design allows for developing various versions of the aircraft, from a simplest combat trainer to a dedicated light attack aircraft, and also a carrier-borne trainer.

Combat versions of the aircraft are superior in performance to other airplanes in the same category. For example, the Yak-130’s combat radius is twice that of the Hawk in the same conditions.

The Yak-130 performs especially good in the pair with the Su-30, the two aircraft featuring similar information field of the pilot cockpit. Using Yak-130s for combat exercises allows save resources of the major fighter aircraft, be it the Su-30MKI or MiG-29K.

Employing the Yak-130 is reasonable for the Russian air force and air forces of such nations as India, China and Viet Nam. Yakovlev design bureau is ready to mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign customers and partners.